About McIntosh Trail

McIntosh Trail Early Childhood Development Council Inc. is a non-profit corporation that serves children and their families in a seven county area. The counties are Butts, Henry, Lamar, Upson, Newton, Pike and Spalding. The corporation was founded by Cynthia Jones and was incorporated in 1981. Local citizens in the seven-county service area were asked to form a corporation that would be eligible to compete for available federal funding. This transition occurred after the social service agency that previously operated the Head Start program closed in 1980.


Currently, McIntosh Trail ECDC sponsors 25 Head Start and eight Pre-Kindergarten classrooms. Head Start is funded by the Department of Health and Human Service and Pre-K is funded by Bright from the Start, previously known as the Office of School Readiness. Our funded enrollment for both programs is 629 children. Although the programs are funded by two different sources, the services to children and families are identical to all enrolled families. Additionally, we offer Child Development Associated Competency (CDA) based classes each school year.

We regard ourselves as leaders in the field of early childhood and human services while advocating for children and their families throughout the community. McIntosh Trail ECDC promotes six main goals to bring about a greater degree of social competence in children of low-income families.

The agency has more than 180 employees in the seven-county service area. Our central office is in Jackson, Ga.

Our Mission

McIntosh Trail Early Childhood Development Council, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that provides comprehensive educational and human services to eligible families in Butts, Lamar, Pike, Henry, Spalding, Upson and Newton counties. We are dedicated to providing high quality services to preschool children and their families as well as serving as a lighthouse in the communities.

We are an institute of learning that implements developmental, appropriate practices and activities for children in the four domains of early childhood development (cognitive, physical, language and social/emotional) while emphasizing the significance of the family's involvement in their child's early learning experiences.

We are committed to embracing cultures and diversity throughout our organization while upholding and maintaining high standards of learning, and excellent performances as an early childhood education provider.

Finally, we believe that our children possess the fundamental rights to a high quality early education that will be the catalyst and preparation for their life-long learning.